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Announcing the 2016 Opportunities Fund Grantees

The Opportunities Fund is an open call for original ideas and compelling approaches that contribute to creating sustainable economic opportunities and generating wealth for low-income people and communities in Toronto.

Four grants have been approved in the second round of 2016, all of which build upon previously funded work.

foodshare toronto

Photo: Laura Berman
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FoodShare works with communities and schools to deliver fresh, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and affordable food. They cultivate food literacy through education and community development and advocate for public policies that improve food access.

Building on the success of their Good Food Cafés, FoodShare will work with key stakeholders to advance a local jobs strategy for school cafeterias across the city.

Building up

A man smiles while doing plumbing
Photo: Brandon Hay
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Building Up is a start-up social enterprise that provides trades-based pre-apprenticeship training and employment to marginalized communities. It works in partnership with the Learning Enrichment Foundation.

Building Up will further develop partnerships with the construction industry and integrate a demand-driven approach into its curriculum design.


Three adult students use a computer
Photo: Brian Zinger
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NPower Canada mobilizes the tech community and equips people, non-profits, and schools with tools and opportunities to build the tech skills of underserved young adults.

NPower Canada will advance the next stage of their Workforce Strategy Initiative. They’ll test the transferability of its employer-driven model by reaching out to other sectors that require IT skills and develop expanded employment opportunties for youth.

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Photo: Kevin Konnyu   c  c

MWAC is a network aimed at improving working conditions and achieving better protections for temporary foreign workers in Canada. It works in partnership with the Ontario Employment Education and Research Centre.

MWAC will continue to build the leadership skills of migrant workers and community advocates to raise awareness on issues facing migrant workers, and inform public policy with the lived experience of migrant workers’ working conditions and precarity. 

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