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Angus Reid Poll Shows City-Wide Support for Cycling Infrastructure Investment

An Angus Reid Forum poll shows that Torontonians from across the city strongly support a safe cycling network—and they want it built as soon as possible.

The poll, commissioned by Evergreen in partnership with Cycle Toronto, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, and the Metcalf Foundation, found that 86% of Torontonians support a safe cycling network, with 67% of Torontonians wanting the network built in less than 9 years.

Key Findings:

Torontonians support a comprehensive interconnected and safe cycling network.

  • 86% of Torontonians support a safe cycling network.
  • Support for a safe cycling network is strong across the entire city – East York (84%); Etobicoke (79%); North York (84%); Scarborough (88%); Old Toronto (88%); and York (85%).
  • 81% of non-cyclists support a safe cycling network in Toronto.

Torontonians want the network built as soon as possible, supporting an accelerated investment to get the job completed in less than 9 years.

  • 67% of Torontonians want an investment of 4.8% or more of the City’s Transportation budget to build a safe cycling network in less than 9 years. The current budget allocates 2.4% per year, which is insufficient to build the cycling network.  

Torontonians see investment in a safe cycling network as one of many smart investments to get Toronto moving.

  • 76% of Torontonians agree that a safe cycling network is an important way to get Toronto moving.

A summary of poll results can be accessed here.  

For more information, contact:

Robert Plitt, Evergreen,  rplitt@evergreen.ca 647-283-0562

Jared Kolb, Cycle Toronto,  jared@cycleto.ca 416-729-9023

Lucas Melbye, MARU/VCR&C (polling firm), lucas.melbye@maruvcrc.com 647-209-1626

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