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Accelerating Urban Sustainability: Two new reports from Metcalf grantees

Two Metcalf grantees have released timely reports addressing pragmatic ways to advance urban sustainability.

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission’s We Can’t Get There From Here: Why Pricing Congestion is Critical to Beating It outlines how congestion pricing can help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and enable greater economic prosperity in Canadians cities. The report includes four recommendations:

  1. Major Canadian cities should implement congestion pricing pilot projects, customized to their local context.
  2. Provincial governments should initiate, enable, or facilitate congestion pricing pilot projects.
  3. The Federal government should help fund pilot projects.
  4. Governments should carefully evaluate the performance of pilot projects, communicate the results broadly, and incorporate lessons learned into future mobility policies.

Sustainable Prosperity, in collaboration with Dr. Amelia Clarke from the University of Waterloo, have published the Sustainability Alignment Manual, a practical guide offering municipalities an inventory of market-based instruments for achieving goals outlined in their sustainability community plans. The manual includes four sections:

  1. An explanation of how aligning municipal price signals can contribute to the municipal sustainability community plan implementation and revenue gaps.
  2. A review of the main families of market-based instruments (MBIs).
  3. An inventory of local government MBIs for each of the eight most-prevalent topics with sustainability community plans: transportation, water, wastewater and stormwater, solid waste, air quality and energy, land-use, climate change, food security, and ecological diversity. The section also provides important considerations for the use of MBIs.
  4. A glossary of terms surrounding the MBIs listed in Section 3, offering a description of each MBI and the range of topics they can each support.
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