Summer 2019

We are always looking for opportunities to strengthen and extend our work through collaboration. These kinds of alliances bring with them an infusion of new perspectives, skills, and vitality. Below are three new partnerships that I am pleased to share with you.

In April, the first article in a six-part series on philanthropy and the performing arts was published in The Philanthropist. This is the first time the Foundation has curated content for The Philanthropist and the first time that magazine has focused specifically on arts and culture. Our long engagement with the performing arts has made us acutely aware of the limited private philanthropic support for this sector. We thought engaging a range of voices and perspectives on some of the arts’ contributions and challenges is a necessary first step in a longer conversation about the arts, philanthropy, and public value. This series includes personal essays by Marcus YoussefHannah Moscovitch, Antoni CimolinoCris Derksen, Mélanie Demers, videos featuring The Musical Stage CompanyPeggy Baker Dance Projects, and Why Not Theatre, and insights by arts strategist Kelly Wilhelm and cultural journalist Kate Taylor.

This spring, in response to the Ontario government’s announcement that it would begin an extensive overhaul of employment services, social assistance reforms, apprenticeship and education programs, we joined forces with the Toronto Region Board of Trade and United Way Greater Toronto on a report called Help Wanted: Modernizing Employment and Skills Training Services in Ontario. The report provides guiding principles and recommendations for how the provincial government can improve the current employment and skills training system so that it better serves people and business and creates more value for the economy. Launched at the Board of Trade on June 20, the report has generated widespread interest and continues to stimulate thoughtful discussion.

Our support for a small startup online magazine, The Local, is another notable journalistic partnership. The Local began two years ago as a project out of Openlab, a design and innovation studio at the University Health Network. It has recently become an independent publication with a mandate to cover some of the most pressing social issues facing our city, such as poverty and homelessness, mental health, aging, and food security. Its crisp graphic style and excellent writing have already attracted critical attention including garnering two Canadian Online Publishing Awards. The Local’s unique combination of a data-driven approach to editorial content with compelling human-interest stories has led the Foundation to support this new publication for the next two years.

These new alliances remind us of the power in cooperative effort, the potential of what we are able to achieve when we join forces to work together.

Sandy Houston, President and CEO


Six-part Collaboration with The Philanthropist Journal kicks off

Last fall when the Foundation was first approached by the editors of The Philanthropist to curate a series of articles on arts and culture philanthropy in Canada, Metcalf President and CEO Sandy Houston was immediately intrigued…

I see impact in art as a pebble hitting water and the ripple effect it creates.

Cris Derksen

Help Wanted: Modernizing Employment and Skills Training Services in Ontario

When the provincial government announced an extensive overhaul of employment services, social assistance reforms, apprenticeships, and education programs, the Toronto Region Board of Trade, United Way Greater Toronto, and the Metcalf Foundation saw an opportunity.


Indigenous-led Conservation and Carbon Storage Gathering in Guelph

In May, leaders gathered to explore possibilities for Indigenous-led conservation and carbon storage.


Staging Change Participants Engage in Small Experiments with Radical Intent

Half way through Stage 2, each of the eight Toronto-based performing arts companies put a self-identified complex challenge into action.


Award Winning Magazine The Local Receives Metcalf Support

With a focus on some of the most pressing social issues facing our city, The Local’s crisp graphic style and excellent writing have already attracted critical attention.


Carbon Landscapes Grants Announced

Metcalf is pleased to announce the first set of 2019 grants in our Environment Program’s Carbon Landscapes funding stream.

Metcalf Announces Performing Arts Interns

The Foundation is delighted to introduce the four new performing arts interns.


What the Raptors Victory Can Teach Us About Workforce Development

I spend my days advancing strategies improving economic opportunities for low-income people in Toronto. But in my evenings, I am an avid basketball fan.


Nature and Climate Gathering in Toronto

In April, 40 environment sector leaders from across Canada convened to discuss how integrated solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss can be advanced.

Pembina Report looks at Fuel Savings and Emissions in Heavy Duty Trucking

This report is the third in a series on freight emissions from the Pembina Institute, co-funded by Metcalf and the Echo Foundation.


New Innovation Fellowship Guidelines Released

The Foundation is pleased to announce updated guidelines for our Innovation Fellowship program.


Bike Lanes Approved for Bloor, Danforth and More

In July, Toronto’s city council approved an updated Bike Network Plan.

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