August 2018

Johanna Metcalf 1932 – 2018

Johanna Metcalf

Johanna Metcalf died on July 19, 2018. The Foundation mourns her. She has been at the heart of our work for the last forty years. Her approach to philanthropy always began with humility. She was acutely aware of the dangers that accompany privilege and helped us maintain a culture of openness and reflection. Her empathy for those who had been marginalized or excluded, her love of the arts and deep belief in the potential of culture for transformation, underpins the Foundation’s work. She had great faith in the ability of remarkable people to accomplish extraordinary things, and she backed them unreservedly.

She gave countless hours to the Foundation beginning in the seventies when she and her husband George gathered trusted friends and family to help shape their giving. She was always a catalyst, a provocateur, an enthusiast and a risk taker. She brought her acute intelligence to every meeting, but also a great sense of fun and deep generosity of spirit.

Her contributions to Casey House, Victoria College, Frontier College, and others were legion and took many forms. Her support for and generosity towards the Foundation’s work and people was bottomless.

She will be greatly missed, but her legacy surrounds us.

Sandy Houston, President and CEO


Inaugural Carbon Landscapes Grants Awarded

Metcalf is delighted to announce the inaugural grants in our Environment Program’s Carbon Landscapes funding stream.

First Cohort of Climate Blueprints Grantees Approved

Metcalf is pleased to announce the first cohort of grantees in our Environment Program’s Climate Blueprints funding stream.


Metcalf Photo Essay: Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee Opens a Cafe

Opening a shipping container cafe in R.V. Burgess Park is the latest development in the remarkable work of the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee.


Metcalf Renews Support for Ontario Artistic Leadership Residency at National Theatre School of Canada

The Foundation is renewing its support for Ontario candidates over the next two years.


Good Food, Good Jobs: Concluding Essay

Touching on the themes raised in his initial essay and the blogs in response by five leaders and activists who focus on the food movement, labour market analyst and Metcalf Innovation Fellow Tom Zizys concludes our inquiry with his final thoughts on the relationship between the wages of food workers and the price of food.

We have seen wages stagnate, while food has become cheaper but less healthy. This is the downward spiral we have been on for some time. The only solution is to start reversing the trends. 

Tom Zizys
Metcalf Innovation Fellow

Spring 2018 Leading and Learning Grants Announced

Metcalf is pleased to announce that three initiatives were awarded grants from our Leading and Learning granting program.


Metcalf Photo Essay: TSSA 2018 June Retreat

PHI President Jodi Sturgeon presented a case study about her organization’s approach to improving job quality, workforce opportunity, and career mobility for direct care workers.


Metcalf Interview: Jodi Sturgeon

In early June, Metcalf invited PHI National President Jodi Sturgeon to join our 2018 Toronto Sector Skills Academy as guest faculty. PHI is America’s leading authority on the direct care workforce. Active across the United States, PHI has moved individuals out of poverty through training programs and achieved health care reform through advocacy work, including contributing to the Affordable Care Act.

We believe that it is important to look at all the policy levers available to improve job quality measures, while at the same time focusing on improving the day-to-day existing  job quality of the practitioner on the ground.

Jodi Sturgeon
President, PHI National

Toronto's Great Streets: Redesigning Streets for a Growing City and Better Neighbourhoods

Ryerson City Building Institute’s report profiles five successful Toronto streets.


Biennial Report: Depth of Field Published

Our 2016-2017 Biennial Report: Depth of Field is now out and can be downloaded from our website.



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